The Unlikely Story of the Lioness and Baby Deer

Unlikely animal friendships may just be our favorite thing ever. We are all about the circle of life, but when an animal goes beyond this and takes care of another animal that should be their dinner, well, that’s just adorable. It goes to show how amazing nature truly is.

Lioness and Baby Deer 0

One lioness set out to show the world that she could be best friends with a small little deer. The lioness and baby dear photos captured are absolutely stunning, and you’re guaranteed to never see another animal encounter like it. The people watched without breathing too hard since they were afraid of what could happen to this tiny little deer. Since deer this size don’t have their fight or flight reaction yet, it could have been very bad news for this baby animal. Thankfully, the lion chooses to have mercy on the little guy, or does he?

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A Born Predator

It should come as no surprise that lions are born predators. They are the top of the food chain, and many animals meet their demise in the jaw of hungry lionesses. Unfortunately, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. When a photographer saw this encounter between a lioness and a baby deer, well, he was thinking that he was about to capture an eating session.

Lioness and Baby Deer 1

This small deer would have been no match for the jaws of this powerful animal. The deer is shown obeying the every wish and demand of the lioness because if he doesn’t he is going to become dinner. The baby animal would be a small snack for this huge lioness. Also, this lion looks straight into the camera lens, so she knows she is being watched.

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Protecting the Baby

No one knows if the lioness found the deer by itself, or if she killed its mother and then felt bad about it. Either way, it’s pretty shocking that she isn’t devouring this baby deer right at sight. Instead of having a small snack, the lion is protecting the baby deer. Look at the way she keep her paws around him but doesn’t have her claws out.

Lioness and Baby Deer 2

The baby deer is pretty cute, so it would be hard to eat this baby animal. So far, it looks like the baby is going to survive through the day. He must be one smooth talker to have a lion agree to keeping him alive for now.

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A Mother’s Love

It is safe to assume that the baby deer’s mother is nowhere in sight. The lion is keeping a firm grasp on the baby deer, but the deer also looks relaxed and at peace. There isn’t too much fight in its eyes, so one has to assume that he is pretty safe.

Lioness and Baby Deer 3

The lioness is on the lookout for other hungry predators. Whether she’s protecting her snack or looking out for danger we’ll never find out. However, it looks like both the lion and the deer are pretty calm.

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Getting a Whiff

When the lioness puts her open jaw and nose on the baby deer, the fear starts to sink in. The deer knows that he is about to be a goner, but once again he is surprised. Instead of biting into the deer, the lion gently nuzzles against his skin and sniffs him.

Lioness and Baby Deer 4

Now, it could be said that this lion is smelling and savoring her snack, but it could also be that the lioness is just making sure the deer is okay. There is no malice in her eyes as she sniffs the baby, so maybe she just misses her own lions when they were small babies.

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Grooming at its Finest

This photo is absolutely adorable. If you have a cat then you know you have made it on their good side if they lick you. The same could be said about lions. In all actuality, lions are just big friendly cats! Enjoy this photo because it probably won’t happen again in the wild.

Lioness and Baby Deer 5

The large and scary lioness is licking the baby deer. Yes, you read that correctly. She’s licking him! If this isn’t the cutest photo you’ve ever seen then you must be the Tin Man without a heart. This lioness truly cares about the baby deer in front of her.

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A Change of Heart

Oh no, just when we thought everything was looking up for the deer the worst happens! This lioness decided she didn’t want to be gentle after all. Instead of continuing to lick the deer, she opens her mouth and grazes her teeth against the back of the deer.

Lioness and Baby Deer 6

You can see the anxiety on the baby’s face here. He doesn’t want to be eaten by the lioness! When he tries to get us, the lioness gently bites down telling him to sit back down on the ground. Did the lioness have a change of heart? Things aren’t looking too good for this baby.

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Get Me Out of Here

This little deer has had enough of this lioness! Unfortunately, baby deer don’t get to call the shots in the circle of life. This sweet little guy is about to become dinner, and he only got to live for a few days. It is safe to say that this deer has not had good luck.

Lioness and Baby Deer 7

First, the little guy loses his mom. Most likely the mom was killed off from another predator. Then, when there’s no food he goes to look for some and gets caught by a lion! Seriously, this poor baby just needs a little bit of love. Perhaps the lion changes her heart again?

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Please, Save me!

This next photo is the epitome of fear. Right as the lion gets her jaw opened up wide the deer starts to scream. He doesn’t want to be a light snack before dinner, he wants to stay alive! The deer starts to freak out, and the shrieks are as loud as they can be for a small baby.

Lioness and Baby Deer 8

Everything started out perfect, and the lioness had adopted the deer as a baby of her own. So, why is she currently trying to sink her fangs into the baby deer’s back? The deer is just as confused as we are, and he does not hold back when he tries to fight for his life.

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Picking Him Up

Wait, was that all a joke? It turns out the lioness did not want to eat the baby deer. Instead, she just wanted to pick him up! Cat owners know that little kittens have a lot of extra fur behind their neck. The reason for this is so that kittens can be picked up by their moms when they are small.

Lioness and Baby Deer 9

Because lions are cats, they do the same thing for their babies as your household cat does. The lion gently picks up the baby deer by the skin in the back of its neck. While deer probably aren’t used to be held that way, he stops his shrieking. Sure, he doesn’t necessarily enjoy being held in a lion’s mouth, but what other choice does he have but to go along with it?

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Put Me Down Ma’am

Mama Lion knows what she is doing. She struts her stuff across the road and keeps a strong hold on the little deer. In fact, when the deer tries to slyly start to wiggle and get the jaws loosened, the lion doesn’t even humor him. Unfortunately for the deer, the lion just clamps down harder.

Lioness and Baby Deer 10

Whether she is taking him to a secluded area to eat or not, we’ll never know. The deer is clearly thinking that he is still dinner, so he tries his hardest to get out of the grip. Cats like to play with their food, so could this be some elaborate scheme to have fun before eating? It seems like that is highly possible at this point.

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Not a First Class Ride

The lioness probably doesn’t know that deer don’t like to be held like that. In fact, the baby is probably in a good chunk of pain with the lion’s fangs right next to his neck. While cats have extra skin and fur in that spot, deer do not. He has to put up with the discomfort in hopes of getting away with his life. Playing a game with a hungry lion is never very fun.

Lioness and Baby Deer 11

You can see from the photo that the deer is not enjoying this encounter one bit. While the lioness looks perfectly content, the deer looks like he is giving up on life. He is clearly not having as much fun as the lion is.

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Desperately Wants to Get Away

The deer is begging for help from anyone who can hear him. He cries out that he is in pain in this lion’s mouth, but no one comes to his help. No one in the jungle is stupid enough to try and mess with a lioness. The women in a pride are the hunters, so lionesses are the fiercest warriors in the jungle. When they go in for the kill, they go in for the kill.

Lioness and Baby Deer 12

However, this whole situation is very confusing. If the lion wanted to eat the deer, why hasn’t she done it yet. Maybe she really is just trying to take care of the baby deer since he doesn’t have a mom. It looks like she is trying to be gentle, and the deer could be in pain just because he won’t stop wiggling.

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Rest a Little While

Carrying an animal in your mouth is hard work no matter what size the baby is. The lioness is used to fierce hunting, but she is out of practice when it comes to carrying babies across the miles of flat dirt. The deer is finally released from her grasp, and she takes a much needed rest.

Lioness and Baby Deer 13

Everything seems to be pretty calm. The baby deer is no longer trying to squirm away, and he is just relaxing on the ground while the lioness is on the lookout for more predators. The two are getting along a lot better now, and it may just be that this baby deer hates being carried by his neck. When he has the time to relax, he is much happier.

Could the deer learn from this rest period? You won’t believe the fight he has! Click ‘Next’ to see.

The Perfect Opportunity

This baby comes up with the perfect plan. Who knew that the baby deer could be so smart? He leads the lion on to believe that he is just going to relax next to her and take a good rest. When the lioness drops her guard, the deer has a plan formulated.

Lioness and Baby Deer 14

He tries to make a run for it! This deer has some spark to him after all. What seemed like the perfect opportunity to run was really just a bad decision. The lion was being so nice to this deer, but the patience of one woman only lasts for so long. She barely has to take a few steps to catch the deer from running again, and the ill-fated attempt to escape goes down as the worst attempt in history.

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I’ve Got You Now

The lion barely has to make an effort to grab the deer and hold onto him tightly. While she was gentle with him before, she doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Picking him up, she continues their journey and doesn’t let him rest any longer. Doesn’t the deer understand how nice the lion is being? He should learn that when your mother dies, you need to fight to survive! Maybe this lion could help him survive in the brutal wilderness.

Lioness and Baby Deer 15

It’s too bad that the deer is just a few days old. While he must have somewhat of a survival instinct since he tried to escape, it is not enough to do anything good against the well trained lioness. She isn’t about to back down now, so it seems the deer made a mistake in trying to escape.

Things aren’t looking up for the baby deer. Find out if he is adopted by the lion by clicking ‘Next.’

Quite the Bonding Experience

It is safe to say that this lioness and baby deer are bonded at this point. If the lioness really does plan to eat the deer then she is being unnecessarily cruel. She could have just eaten him already if she wanted to! That’s why we think that she is trying to make the world better for this baby deer.

Lioness and Baby Deer 16

There is going to have to be a lot of trust put into place by both the lioness and the deer. The deer needs to trust that she isn’t going to eat him, and the lion has to trust the deer won’t escape. For now, she continues on her journey with the squirming baby deer. Let’s hope she doesn’t still want to eat him.

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Didn’t Learn From the First Time

Have you ever babysat a child and told them not to do something? Once you turn your back, what happens? They try to do it again! Children are notorious for not listening. It turns out this baby deer is just like that child you babysit. He did not listen to the lion, nor did he learn from the first time.

Lioness and Baby Deer 17

As soon as the lioness sets down the deer for another break he tries to bolt. He doesn’t even think through the plan this time, he just wants to get away from the lion. Who knows what was going through his mind because it is obvious that he is not going to escape this lioness. She barely moves her paw and the deer is back into her grasp.

Poor baby deer. Did he just seal his fate? Find out what happens by clicking ‘Next.’

What’s Going On?

The lioness grabs the deer from his failed escape attempt, but she doesn’t make a move to eat him or keep going on the journey. Instead, she just holds onto the poor fella and makes him sit there. He still tries to wiggle out of her grasp in hopes of not being the next meal. It seems that the fear of a lion is so deep in his genes that he cannot fathom that the lion might be trying to help him or make things better.

Lioness and Baby Deer 18

The only thing going through this deer’s mind is that he needs to get away from this mama lion to survive. As futile as his attempts are, he does not give up. Those knobby little legs continue to fight and wiggle around but nothing happens. As much as this deer wants to be let go, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. He is irrevocably and totally stuck in a horrible situation. This is when he needs all the prayers he can get.

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Hopeful for the Deer

This baby deer refuses to give up, and he suddenly found himself on the ground again. While his little legs kick out in hopes of getting free, the lion comes up from behind and clamps her mighty jaws on the back of the deer. As you can see, the deer is not happy with this outcome.

Lioness and Baby Deer 19

He cries out in pain from the sharp teeth of the lion. Instead of killing him and eating him, the lion once again picks him up like a mother would to her lion cubs. The deer is squawking and yelling at any passersby, but his cries go unheard. This is when the photographer stopped following this lioness and the baby deer. Whether he is being taken off to safety, or taken to the kitchen to be prepared as a lovely meal, we won’t ever know. Hopefully, the lioness chose to take care of this cute baby deer, and let’s hope that he finally succumbs to being the baby of this mighty lioness. We can only hope it turns out good for the both of them.

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The Unlikely Story of the Lioness and Baby Deer

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