Why You Should Visit Chicago…Now

With the world class culture, there is no doubt that Chicago remains to be an exemplary American city. Today, Chicago is known worldwide as diverse with numerous shopping districts, large amounts of eateries and thriving arts scene. Visitors coming from any part of the world are sure to keep their eyes fixed up to the sky to see the skyscrapers of Chicago.

iconic-cityscapeThe skyline is inspiring from Grant Park, while the nearby attractions are the Museum campus that draws locals and visitors. Shopping enthusiasts are going to fall in love with the high-fashion boutiques and the extremely beautiful Mile multilevel malls. However, after you’ve visited all the busy buzz areas, you can find respite from the crowds along the Lake Michigan shoreline walking trails and the Gold Coast tree-lined streets. Do not miss the El rattling ride that passes through the Loop.

Things to Do

Chicago is an iconic cityscape, so for an overview head to the Willis Sears Tower or John Hancock Center top. At the Art Institute, admire masterpieces and American Gothic and go on a boat tour that offers the city’s past and present waterfront view. If you have your kids coming along with you, spend a day strolling for free at the Lincoln Park Zoo and explore the Museum of Science and Industry wonders, which is besides the U505 submarine.

What to Eat

Chicago cuisine gives its visitors an opportunity to explore the ethnic diversity at Frontera Grill and Greektown. Of course, you are not wrong to think hot dogs, pizza and steak, with Chicago visit. The Windy City serves pizza much different from New Yorkers their rivalry who prefer flat and wide pizza. The Chicagoans love their pizza featuring a deep crust carrying topping in loads. If you are looking to have gut-bursting satisfaction, visit the Pizzeria Uno, for the original pizza or Gino’s East for deep-dish Chicago style pizza.

Energetic Activities

Explore Lake Michigan coastline, enjoy at North Avenue Beach a volleyball game or rent a bike. If you have even a small interest in artistry, go through the Loop and consider a sculpture-spotting stroll. Also, do not miss the works of Picasso and Miro. Baseball fans may visit the Wrigley Field that is the old-time ballparks.


The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and Goodman Theater present vibrant theater scene. At the Lyric Opera stage and Chicago Symphony Orchestra, classical superstars do appear, whilst the comedy legacy continues with Second City and iO. For top pop acts catch up at the Chicago Theater or visit the Wicker Park for new generation bands.

chicagoGetting Around

The public transportation is the best, especially the L train. It is easy to use and is cheap. The Metra regional train system takes you downtown Chicago and the neighboring cities. The CTA bus is available for every attraction. The cabs are easily available, but are expensive, besides the street parking fees and the parking garage is pricey.


Like any other city, keep your valuables safe with you. Avoid walking alone and even if you travel after dark, ensure you are clear about the surroundings.

Do you have any Chicago travel tips that you can share? Let us know!

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Why You Should Visit Chicago…Now

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