That Way You’ll Know If You’re a Real Shopaholic

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It is normal to be an impulse buyer. Perhaps a show you desire is on sale, and you decide to purchase it at a discount, or an outfit at a favorite store. However, when shopping becomes compulsive, you are slowly turning into a real shopaholic.

Shopping can be addictive

The thrill of having new items, or wearing the latest fashion trends is quickly catching up with many nowadays, and the advertisements online and heavy social media presence is only making the addiction worse. As a real shopaholic, it may be difficult to identify your problem. However, the few pointers below will help you know if you are a shopaholic.

1.  When all your money goes to purchases.

Real Shopaholic 2Saving, making deposits, and paying off debts should be a priority for every adult. However, if purchasing a new shoe, dress, or jewelry comes before basic spending, then you are a shopaholic. If you feel that buying new items makes you happier than depositing money into your savings account, then you need to make changes to your shopping habits.

2.  When it is impossible to keep track of your purchases.

Open up your closet and look at your clothes and shoes. Can you identify dates and reasons for buying any of those items? If it is hard to remember why, when, and where you bought certain shoes, or even find some clothes with tags, you definitely have a problem. Clothes and shoes should be bought to be used, not be kept behind closed doors.

3.  When shopping comes before other activities.

If basic chores such as cleaning dishes and cleaning your dirty laundry are easily pushed aside for random visits to the mall, then you are turning into a shopaholic. Do you spend more time browsing online stores, instead of working at the office? Ask yourself these questions to manage your shopping habits.

4.  When you have no reason for buying items.

It is pointless to buy numerous version of the same item if you do not have functional purposes for it. Why should you buy an extra pair of heels when you have twenty perfect pairs in your closet? The best way to avoid unnecessary shopping is to identify a reason for your purchase. Do not buy new things just to please friends or feel better about yourself. Have a purpose.

5.  When regard for your finances comes last.

Being in debt, and not having emergency money should be worrying for anyone seeking to better their lives. However, if your shopping comes before any of your financial responsibilities, then you are a shopaholic. Sinking into debt because of a shopping addiction is possible, and you should seek professional help if you have this problem.

6.  When you start hiding the items you buy.

If you find yourself hiding the items you purchase from your friends and family, you already have a problem managing your shopping habits. Hiding what you buy is enough evidence to show that you are afraid of being judged for being a shopaholic.

7.  Stress shopping.

People find various ways to cope with stress, and shopping is a stress reliever for some. Unfortunately, unplanned shopping will only strain your budget, plunge you into debt, and only give you more stress. Avoid shopping as a stress reliever.

8.  You have maxed out your credit cards.

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Reaching your credit card limit due to unhealthy shopping habits is a wakeup call. If you have enough money to sustain your living, your spending should not go beyond your limit.

9.  When shopping makes you feel guilty.

Do you feel guilty after purchasing new clothes and shoes? You need to seek professional help. Normal shopping should not be a source of shame, and if you have a sense of guilt, you are a shopaholic.

10.  When a sale is important than your meals.

If you are willing to forgo your health, just to go shopping with your friends or get the latest shoes and dresses on the market. Your health should always come before physical possessions.

11.  When you have several carts open on your computer.

If you always have online carts full of goods that are waiting to be purchased when the cash flows in.

12.  When you know about every sale in town.

It is normal to have a favorite store and plan to upgrade your wardrobe once in a while. However, keeping tabs on all sales in the stores around you, and even online stores will make you a shopaholic.

13.  If you cannot resist any offers around you.

If you cannot say no to any offers or sales attendants at the malls trying to lure you in, then you need help. You should have the power to walk away and plan for a separate shopping day, instead of concentrating on impulse purchases.

14.  When you are turning into a competitive shopper.

When shopping turns into a competition, it has to stop. If you are purchasing items to have better shoes, and clothes than your friends, or to look better than everyone else, then you are going to have a hard time managing your finances.

15.  When you love to brag about your new purchases.

Shopping should be a personal experience and a chance for growth. However, bragging about every new item in your house is wrong. It shows that your desire to please other people is bigger than the need to watch your spending.

16.  When you have no shame in begging for money.

Naturally, borrowing money should be a challenging process for all. However, if asking for money, to buy new things such as clothes and shoes is not a challenge for you, you are a shopaholic. Borrowing money should be limited to basic needs.

17.  When all your emails are newsletters from departments.

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Online stores and store websites offer emails as an optional alert for customers. However, subscribing to every newsletter and an email notification will only increase your shopping sprees and tempt you more. Unsubscribe from the newsletters and look for stores when you have saved up enough money to purchase new items.

18.  When you go for long periods without wearing the same clothes twice.

Having a variety of clothes to choose from is a good thing. It prevents monotony and gives you a sense of style and fashion. However, it makes no sense to buy clothes and only use them once a year. You should have enough clothes, but still, manage to put them on several times before they get old.

19.  When one closet is not enough.

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If your clothes are just enough to sustain you, then one closet should be enough for you. However, if you are constantly looking for extra closet space, you may want to reconsider your shopping habits.

20.  When you look for shopping stores before moving.

When moving to a new place, it is important to ensure that you have access to basic amenities in the community, and a new shopping store is not a basic amenity. If a clothes store, shoe, or jewelry store comes before drugs or grocery stores, then you are a shopaholic.

21.  When you are haunted by the things, you did not buy.

As odd as this may sound, being haunted by items you could not purchase, means that you may still go back and purchase it, even when there is no longer a reason to do so. The urge to satisfy your guilt is the driving force behind more impulse purchases and should be avoided.

Shopping is a great way to pass an afternoon and is always a great experience for many people. However, it is important to remember that our financial responsibilities come before new clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, or perfumes. Keep your goals in mind, save and spend within your limits. If you must go shopping, make a list to avoid unplanned purchases, and have enough money to sustain you. Being a shopaholic is an addiction, and requires professional help. Avoid falling into the habit as early as possible.

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That Way You’ll Know If You’re a Real Shopaholic

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