Woman Who were Mistresses of US Presidents

There is no doubt in the world that the role of President of the United States carries a heavy load. The endless meetings and difficult decisions can get the best of one’s self. However, after all is said and done, some of our U.S. Presidents still had the time to have a little fun.

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While we hold our Presidents with high esteem, some of us may not completely agree with their actions, adultery being the topic of today’s discussion. Some of these listed mistresses of US Presidents are public knowledge; others, speculations and rumors that have carried over the years.

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Judith Campbell Exner

Judith Campbell Exner had some very interesting interactions with men of power over the course of her life. She was labeled as a ‘stunningly beautiful’ woman, and did not seem to lack the ability to get what she wanted, this included John F. Kennedy.

Although John F. Kennedy was already married to Jackie, he couldn’t help but be swayed by Judith’s beauty. The ‘self-professed’ claim by Judith was said to have lasted 18 months, which started before JFK was elected to presidency and then continued thereafter.

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Judith had some interesting things to say about her affair. What did she do with all her stories? Keep reading!

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After her affair ended with JFK, Judith went on to meet and have an intimate relationship with Sam Giancana who was a lead representative of the Chicago mafia. It was rumored that they were introduced by Frank Sanatra who had also introduced her to John F. Kennedy.

Years after both relations, Judith married Dan Exner, who was a golfer. Two years are her marriage she released her memoir in 1977, Judith Exner: My Story. In her memoire she tells lots of dirty secrets about her life and the men she was involved with, including making claims that JFK had numerous affairs and brought prostitutes into the White House Pool!

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Gennifer Flowers

This beautiful American Actress and Model had an affair with none other than Bill Clinton. Though originally the relation had been denied by President Clinton, evidence surfaced in the form of recorded conversations between the two.

After Bill had admitted to the affair, he later stated that it was a one-time occurrence; though according to Gennifer, the affair lasted 12 years – during which some of those Bill was married to Hilary.

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Quite the controversy of relationship length. What resulted of this ‘he said, she said’? Keep Reading!

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Following the admittance of the affair between the two, Gennifer went on to sue Clintons former aids for defamation. She claimed they had orchestrated a campaign to discredit her, though this case ended up being dismissed.

Gennifer later released a memoir Gennifer Flowers: Passion and Betrayal in 1995 discussing her claimed relations with President Bill Clinton as well as other parts of her life. In 2008, she put up for auction ‘tapes’ that had recorded messages left for her by Bill on her answering machine.

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Helen G. Douglas

From an early age Helen had dreams. She was an aspiring actor, even against her father’s wishes. She was sent to study at Capen School for girls, then onward to Barnard College where she did not finish her degree but instead left to pursue acting.

Helen had great success on Broadway appearing is some very popular plays. By the time she Gahagan reached the age of 26 she decided to change careers and pursue Opera. She later returned to Broadway, where she met her husband in fellow actor, Melvyn Douglas.

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Such an interesting woman, which president was she later was romantically involved with? Keep reading!

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After the birth of her daughter in 1938, Helen became involved in politics and was a spokesperson for migrants. Later, she was a member of the board of governors in California and then onward to participate in the Office of Civilian Defense. Gahagan Douglas kept moving forward to then become elected to the United States House of Representatives from California’s 14 congressional district as a Democrat.

During her time in Congress from 1945 to 1951, Helen had a love affair with Lyndon B. Johnson who was a Congressman and then became Senator, he later became president of the United States in 1963. Their involvement was public knowledge and was said to be a very passionate relation, even though Lyndon was married at the time.

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Marilyn Monroe

Do you remember the song ‘Dear Mr. President’? Well, that wasn’t just a random choice of a name. This American actress and model actually had a rendez-vous with one of our U.S Presidents.

Marilyn Monroe is one of the largest known names when referring to sex symbols, pop icons, and blonde actresses of our past. She was popular for her acting in comedic roles representing the ‘dumb blonde’ persona, as well as her success as a pin-up model beforehand.

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An Icon that has lasted through the decades; to find out who she had a scandalous relation with, Keep Reading!

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In and out of foster homes for most of her life, Marilyn finally got out of the system by marrying at the age of 16 which lasted 4 years before filing for divorce due to the fact that her husband didn’t want her working. She started her modeling career, which as we previously read, which led to her acting and after years of great success as well as a feature on the cover of the first issue of Playboy Marilyn Monroe was a worldwide known name.

In March of 1962, both Marilyn and JFK attended the same party hosted at Bing Crosby’s home in Palm Srpings. JFK arranged the rendezvou through a family member, and the two had relations that evening. It is said that Monroe felt bad about the happenings between the two and got in contact with Kennedy’s wife, who admitted she knew of her husband’s actions. Marilyn saw John F. Kennedy again just a few weeks later when she performed ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ at his 45th birthday celebration. That was the last of their contact as JFK closed off from her, not wanting to attract any press to their relationship.

One president had a long time affair with his slave until the day he died. Who was she? Click ‘Next’ to find out.

Sally Hemings

Sally Hemings was a beautiful mixed race woman who was in servitude to and owned by President Thomas Jefferson. Her relations with the president was said to have started with when she was 14 years of age and Jefferson, widowed at the time, was 44.

Sally lived as a slave in Jefferson’s home for most of her life and had 6 children with him, who he promised to free once they reached 21 years of age. Each child was trained as an artisan.

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Their love story was meant for the big screen. Keep reading to find out more about it.

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As their children grew, each of them was trained in different artisan skills: Carpentry, spinning, weaving as well as musical training of the violin which Jefferson himself played. Though two of their children ran away once they surpassed 21, the others were formally freed by Jefferson. Sally herself was not free through Jefferson, however following his death; his daughter freed Sally giving her “her time”. She then spent 9 years living with her two of her sons until her own death.

Sally Hemings and Thomas Jeffersons story traveled over the decades and finally a television miniseries was released in 2000 called ‘Sally Hemings: An American Scandal’. It covers their 38 year love affair and very much worth watching.

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Monica Lewinsky

Monica, whom is now a television personality, activist, and fashion designer, was once an intern at the White house. During that time she had an “Inappropriate relationship” with the President Bill Clinton. While Bill did eventually admit to the occurrence, it was highly publicized and caused some troubles.

Due to their time together being publicized an actual ‘scandal’ was created labeled the Lewinsky scandal in which Monica stated she had nine sexual encounters with Bill. Originally Clinton had given a statement saying he did not have any sexual relations with Lewinsky, however further investigation proved that as incorrect which led to his impeachment.

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There were recorded tapes discussing the affair. What happened to them? Keep Reading!

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During their relationship, Monica confided in a friend about the details of the affair in which her friend Linda Tripp started recording and later submitted to council when Lewinsky signed an affidavit denying that anything physical happened between her and Clinton.

The whole scandal finally was released to the public in January of 1998. Lewinsky had to hide from the public for weeks. Clinton denied committing perjury and the two were later called before a grand jury. After all was said and done, the scandal did great things for Lewinsky’s status in society.

Some of our presidents wives are aware of their scandalous behaviors, some ignore, however one was not too pleased. Click ‘Next’ to see who.

Lucy Mercer

Lucy worked at a dress store before she took the position as a social secretary of none other than Eleanor Roosevelt. Two years after Lucy and Eleanor’s husband Franklin D. Rossevelt were said to have started an affair.

The affair was on-going for a few months before Eleanor found some letters in Franklin’s luggage. Was she upset? Or course she was! She offered him a divorce, although he considered accepting, he remained in the marriage and ended the affair with Lucy and promised he would not see her again.

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What happened to Lucy? Did she move on to marry someone else? Yes! Continue reading to learn more.

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Lucy moved on to marry socialite Winthrop Rutherfurd. In spite of the fact that she was married and Franklin made a promise to Eleanor, the two continued a surreptitious affair over the decades. Even Franklin’s daughter helped arrange their time together.

Mercer was present at the time of Roosevelt’s death which occurred while he was having his portrait painted at her request.

Sometimes learning of an affair results in acting out of character. One wife even got violent. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Alice Glass

Even though Alice was married to one of Lyndon B. Johnsons biggest supporters, it didn’t stop her from having an affair with Lyndon. Alice actually had previously met Lyndon’s wife, Lady Bird, while both of them were attending the same university, though that was also irrelevant.

Their affair was written about by Robert Caro in his book Path to Power and again by John Connally in a memoir.

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Johnson wasn’t the only man that Alice was involved with, Keep Reading to find out more about this scandalous woman.

Mistresses of US Presidents 16

Alice was seductive in every way she held herself, which was intimidating to other women, including Lyndon’s wife Lady Bird. According to some sources, it is said that Lady Bird physically attacked Alice when she found out about the affair. Others say she built an emotional barrier and avoided all confrontation regarding the topic.

Sometimes woman have such influence on how others prepare themselves. Lady Bird went as far as losing a large amount of weight, wearing more makeup and dressing more scandalous as to become closer to the likes of Alice in hopes to draw her husband’s attention back to her.

A member of the British Mechanised Transport Corps gets involved with A U.S President. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Kay Summersby

Kay Summersby was born and raised in Ireland. She moved to London where she had several interests in the arts and became a fashion model. She married a British Army officer which ended in divorce and Kay kept his name.

During World War 2 Kay Summersby was a member of the British Mechanised Transport Corps. During the war Summersby was the personal secretary of President Dwight D. Eisenhower during his role of Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force. They spent a lot of time together and it was speculated to have resulted in a love affair.

Mistresses of US Presidents 17

Both kept things quiet, until Summersby wrote her autobiography, which she then spilt the beans. To learn more, Keep Reading!

Mistresses of US Presidents 18

Her first memoir ‘Eisenhower was my boss’ that she wrote in 1948 depicted her years in the war, however she did not mention anything about her affair with Eisenhower. However, her autobiography that was written in 1975 while she was on her death bed, ‘Past Forgetting: My Love Affair with Dwight D. Eisenhower’ spilled the dirty details of their relationship.

In her original book she changed details, and omitted things as to try and hide the growing relationship between the two of them, thinking that was the best thing to do. With Eisenhower dead and her dying, she felt there was no longer any need to hide the details.

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Nan Britton

Nan Britton, also known as Nanna Popham Britton start an early obsession with Warren G. Harding who was the 29th President of the United States. Before she even turned 16 years old she would wait around hear his building in hopes to see him walking home from work.

Nans father knew of her obsession and informted Harding, who was a friend, of this infatuation and Harding actually met with the girl and told her she would “ ind the man of her dreams”.

Mistresses of US Presidents 19

Nan had a child in 1919 in which she claimed Harding was the father. Keep reading to learn the truth.

Mistresses of US Presidents 20

After the death of Warren G. Harding, Nan claimed that Harding had promised to support the daughter they had together, however his wife denied the support. According to her book ‘The President’s Daughter’, Nan and Warren had an affair during his entire presidency which resulted in their daughter being a product of their love.

Her book was considered the first kiss-and-tell book of our kind and was said to have been written to help support herself and her daughter financially.

Age may be a factor to some looking for a younger woman, however not always. Click ‘Next’ to see why

Marlene Dietrich

Here we see another large Icon in our history. Marlene Dietrich was a German actress and singer, however she held a dual citizenship in both Germany and America. She was very well known for her affairs over the years with numerous men, all while maintaining a marriage to just one man who was aware of her scandalous activities.

She had an extremely long career and performed right up until her mid-seventies which unfortunately ended in an injury which resulted in ending her performance career.

Mistresses of US Presidents 21

With the large list of affairs, could she have possibly been with a father, and years later, the son? Keep reading!

Mistresses of US Presidents 22

Marlene was a good friend and love interest of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr (John F. Kennedy’s father) for many years. When Marlene was 60 and was performing a one woman show in Washington, she received an invitation to the white house from JFK. Rumors have it that JFK made a pass at her while she was there just a half hour before she was to go on stage, which resulted in a quick few minutes of scandalous activity before she had to leave, all the while keeping her hair in tack.

In her final 11 years, Dietrich remained in her home, bedridden, with only a few aloud visitors. She did an interview of her life, however only her voice was recorded; no video was aloud.

Normally affairs are comprised of already experienced adults, however not always. Click ‘Next’ to learn of one that was not.

Mimi Alford

Mimi Alford was a very well educated young lady. She wrote for the school newspaper and later went to college. In just her first year she was asked to apply for a summer internship at the Whitehouse.

At the early age of 19, Mimi became an Intern at the white house. Just four days into her post, she was invited to a pool party in which the President himself attended. Which lead to an interesting encounter between herself and JFK.

Mistresses of US Presidents 23

It’s not so much ‘what’ happened between the pair, but ‘where’ the encounter happened. Keep reading to find out more.

Mistresses of US Presidents 24

Mimi only told one person of her affair with JFK for most of her life, the night he was assassinated she told her then fiancé. Later in life she wrote an autobiography ‘Once upon A Secret, My Affair with John F. Kennedy and its Aftermath ‘which depicted her 18 month affair with the President including their first sexual encounter in Mrs. Kennedy’s bedroom. Not only was did it happen in his wife’s bedroom, it was also Mimi’s first time.

Mimi later admitted that she did not feel guilty for having the affair, however she did feel guilty about not feeling guilty.

When a President is willing to divorce his wife, you might think its true love. Click ‘Next’ to learn more.

Gunilla Von Post

Gunilla was a sweetish aristocrat that seemly captured the heart of John F. Kennedy. They briefly met on the French Riviera and spent an evening flirting with each other which also led to a passionate kiss as Guinilla claimed in her book ‘Love, Jack’.

Though their first encounter was just a few weeks before he was to wed Jackie, the two kept in touch through letters and then two years later met up again; this time leading to a more intimate moment between the two.

Mistresses of US Presidents 25

Gunilla kept letters and a leather jacket that Kennedy gave her. What did she did with them? Keep Reading!

Mistresses of US Presidents 26

On their second encounter, reportedly JFK was so smitten by Gunilla that he called his father and told him that he wanted a divorce, however his father advised him that would ruin his political career so he did not follow through.

Later in 2010, Gunilla auctioned off her letters of correspondence between the two. The leather jacket he gave her was unearthed in 2015 and was brought to an Antique show which valued the jacket at over $150,000 USD.

Beauty and charm may have been the reason of attraction. Look who’s next!

Carrie Fulton Phillips

Carrie Fulton was depicted as have such beauty and charm. Her and her husband were very successful in the socialite environment and had two children. Unfortunately the death of her son, who was just a toddler caused tremendous grief leading Carrie to become close to Warren G. Harding.

Both were married at the time, and the couples traveled together all the while Carrie and Warren continued their intimacy. When their affair came to light, Warren’s wife felt very betrayed as this wasn’t the first time a ‘friend’ became intimate with her husband.

Mistresses of US Presidents 27

To save both marriages, Carrie and her husband relocated to Germany, did she see Warren again? Keep reading!

Mistresses of US Presidents 28

After spending years in Germany, Phillips returned to the US and her relations with Warren reignited. Phillips threatened to expose their activities if Warren supported going to war against Germany. Later Warren revealed the situation to his Republican officials who in turn advised him to keep things quiet due to the fact that Phillips was pro Germany and they couldn’t have their relations becoming public news.

Carrie succeeded in her blackmail and was given a yearly stipend for the remainder of her life as well as a tour of Asia and the Pacific Islands.

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